Box of Books

Today I received my author’s copies of MR. MONK GOES TO HAWAII. I’ve seen the book in bound galleys and I’ve seen the cover… so technically it’s not like I’m actually seeing it for the first time. Even so, it’s always a thrill when that box of author’s copies arrives. Duane Swierczynski knows what I mean. He got a few boxes full of bound galleys THE BLONDE of his third book today…

Anyway, there’s really no thrill like seeing your novel in bound form
with a kick-ass cover (designed by the mega-talented Kathryn Parise)…
times one hundred. God help me when the actual hardcover arrives in a
few months. It’s a thrill that will never get old. And if it does, then
it’s probably time to me to retire and weave baskets, or something.

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