Bring Back Those Precocious Kids

Remember when all the kid characters on TV were smart-ass and wise-beyond-their years? It got to be really irritating…but it was a hell of a lot easier to take than the kids on TV today. They are all  insufferable morons. Take, for example, the two imbeciles on SURFACE who are raising an alien monster in their bathtub…and let it endanger the lives of family and friends. We are supposed to find them wacky and endearing. I just want to kick in the T.V.  Or how about that  whiny teenage girl on COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF who resents her Mom for being President of the United States? She’s upset she has to attend events like, oh, her mother’s swearing in as President or a reception for the Russian President instead of hanging out with her friends ("Other kids don’t have to go to their parents’ business dinners!"). This is supposed to make us relate to the First Family as being people like us. Yeah, right. Me, and the rest of America,  fast-forward through those scenes to the next shot of Donald Sutherlands sneering and twirling his mustache (yes, I know he doesn’t have a mustache…but it’s there, it’s just invisible).

Bring back those precocious kids of yesteryear. Please. I’m begging you.

3 thoughts on “Bring Back Those Precocious Kids”

  1. I want to bring back those kids of yester-yester year: the ones who said, ‘yes sir’ and ‘no ma’am’ and who obeyed when their parents told them to do something. The ones who stayed out of sight until needed for an realistic line or two, but I don’t want the Bradys. I want them to go away and never come back. I want Richie Petrie, dammit!

  2. You couldn’t hire me to watch COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, but the two teens on SURFACE don’t realize they’re endangering the people around them. To them, they have an iguana/electric eel thing, and they know they have to hide it from mom. It’s not like it has chomped any of the taut bikinied booty that has been in every episode.
    Those kids have no idea they’re feeding the newest top link in the food chain.
    Anyway, in my opinion, the best teens on TV are on INVASION. They’re sullen and inarticulate, but also very smart and aware of what’s going on around them.

  3. I don’t like the smart kids from the past. I enjoy today’s dumb teenagers, after all, I have one living right here.
    And yes, she would have kept the baby monster.
    As for the girl on Commander in Chief, that’s exactly the way my daughter behaves when asked to do anything she doesn’t want.


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