Call of the Mild

9780451228765 William Rabkin's  hilarious CALL OF THE MILD, his latest original PSYCH novel,  is now out at bookstores everywhere. Here's the skinny:

Shawn Spencer has convinced everyone he's psychic.

Now, he's either going to clean up-or be found out…

Shawn Spencer has always hated the wilderness-by which he means anything outside the delivery radius of his favorite pizza place. But Psych has been hired to solve a baffling case of industrial espionage, and the only way to catch the spy is to join their client's bonding retreat-a grueling seven day backpacking mountain trek.

But when one of the campers turns up with a bullet in the head, Shawn and Gus soon realize that sheer cliffs, rampaging bears, and freeze- dried pineapple aren't the greatest threats they face…

How can you resist? Go out and buy it now.

4 thoughts on “Call of the Mild”

  1. I picked up the book 2 days ago. And I’ve got to say, more happens in the first 53 pages of this book than in the first 53 pages of the previous 2 Psych books. I attempted to leave an “atta boy” for Bill Rabkin at his blog site, but it’s become a ghost town – no entries since July 22! BTW – I didn’t know that you and Bill had written a CBS pilot based on Ella Clah. I’ve read the Thurlos other two series (Sister Agatha and Lee Nez) and I wondered that now with the interest in vampires and werewolves, that you and Bill might pursue a Lee Nez MOW. Or are you and Bill “She Werewolfed” out?

  2. As a recently-converted “Psych” fan, I’ve been eager to give these books a try — and the cover description for this one, I can’t resist. It generally burns my soul to read a series out of order, but I don’t want to race through the first two just to get to this one, so I’ve decided to start here. I’m only a couple of chapters in, but, like the “Monk” books, the characters are spot-on, and so far I’m quite happy.
    I wish more tie-in books were authored by writers who had also written episodes for the show, too. There might be some decent modern “Doctor Who” tie-ins if they took this tact … (*sighs*)


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