Cats in the Cradle

My father, Alan Goldberg, died unexpectedly last week. We weren’t close, but I was the only one of his five children and two step children to attend his funeral up in Portland Oregon on Thursday…which says more about him as a father, and more eloquently, than I ever could.I struggled over whether or not to go and finally decided I had to — for me, not for him. I said a few words… and although my sister Linda and brother Tod didn’t attend, they also offered their thoughts… Linda on her blog and Tod in his weekly newspaper column . My comments weren’t much different than what they had to say…

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  1. Lee,
    I’m sorry to hear this. Just now seeing it, obviously. No matter what kind of father he was, I’m sure it’s still a loss. But I’m glad to see you aren’t repeating the same mistakes with Madison.

  2. Dear Lee,
    I feel for your loss, but more so for your
    fathers loss since children can be our
    greatest joys.
    It’s unfortunate, your father truly missed out.

  3. Sometimes, a person’a sole purpose in life is to act as a bad example. My condolences to you all for what you’re going through, not in mourning for the man, but for the shadow of sorrow that hangs ove your lives.

  4. Thank you, Bill — but I don’t feel any sorrow, not any more, not in years. Now that he’s dead, it’s all over. I made my peace with my feelings about my father at the funeral… said what I had to say… and came home. Now it’s over and I feel better already.

  5. Lee,
    I’m really sorry that it’s taken me this long to respond to your post. How unfortunate the life you had to deal with in this manner. In a way I can somewhat relate but that’s another story. So glad to see that you’ve found your closure to all that you and your siblings have gone through. It’s never easy dealing with loss but through this you have obviously gained more strength, found closure and can now persue the balance of your life finding that closure and peace within.

  6. Mr. Goldberg,
    Just saw the post about your father’s death. Regardless of the relationship between you, it is still a loss, and you have my sympathy.


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