Chained to my computer

Sorry for the blog silence… I've been chained to my computer lately and writing furiously. I'm hell-bent on finishing my fifteenth and final MONK novel, MR. MONK GETS EVEN, to meet my June 1st deadline, when I will be starting work on an exciting new project that I can't talk about yet.

But I can tell you that Amazon is sending me to New York in June to attend BEA…and tout the release of my new crime novel KING CITY…which comes out next week…and that I will be jetting from the Big Apple to Owensboro, KY, to shoot a DEAD MAN music video of our theme song with the talented folks at Firelight Entertainment Group and attend the International Mystery Writers Festival, which will be screening my shorts REMAINDERED and BUMSICLE on June 16th.

Whew. I'm tired just writing about it all. Okay, back to MONK, enough procrastinating on this blog…

6 thoughts on “Chained to my computer”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been back here. Thought I’d leave a note while I’m here to say that I like the new header photo.
    When I first started reading your blog it was together with a bunch of television/film writers. That’s how I knew you, as a script guy. I found Joe Konrath through you and watched his journey with Amazon, and subsequently yours. I think it’s very apropos that you’ve gone from the Hollywood/script image theme to novels.
    It looks good on top of that. Nicely done all around.

  2. Wow, as the Beach Boys would say it, ‘you get around’! Love the new website design! Am looking forward to hearing about the projects you’ve got simmering!


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