3 thoughts on “Cheesy Gold”

  1. I never saw the movie, but do recall Roger Moore promoting it on the Carson show back in the day.
    He related that during the excerpt they ran–where he was up to his neck in nasty mining water–took several days to shoot, and that there were some strange chemicals in the mix, cyanide or strychnine being the least among them. The poisons were necessary for gold production.
    And the water had an effect on his nipples.
    He paused, letting that sink in, then in a wonderfully dry and beautifully underplayed British delivery informed all that his nipples had turned black from the constant soaking and fallen off.
    “America, you are looking at a nipple-less James Bond.”
    Carson about fell out of his chair and the rest of the audience roared.
    I cannot see or hear anything to do with that movie that does not bring Roger Moore’s chest to mind.
    Thank you for the reminder. I’ll be watching some DVDs of “The Saint” later. With or without nipples, he is easy on the eye! 😉


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