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Much to my surprise,  Dick Adler reviewed DIAGNOSIS MURDER: THE PAST TENSE in the Chicago Tribune today. Here’s what he had to say:

"Diagnosis Murder: The Past Tense" (Signet, $6.99), by
Lee Goldberg, is the latest–and arguably the best–original mystery
based on the popular Dick Van Dyke TV series, which Goldberg wrote and
produced. What makes it more than just another spinoff is the way
Goldberg takes the reader–and his hero, Dr. Mark Sloan–through 40
years of Los Angeles history, a journey that captures the unique flavor
of the city so many of us used to call home.

It’s not often that paperback TV Tie-ins get reviewed in major newspapers… or naturally, I’m thrilled.  I’ve heard a rumor that another Chicago newspaper is also reviewing the book soon…

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