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There's a nice piece in the Los Angeles Times today on the Archive of American Television. They even mention my interview with Dick Van Dyke:

Fans of classic TV likely will find much of interest in the full interviews, which somehow seem to reveal more than the usual celebrity Q&A, possibly because the informal video format allows more of a celebrity's personality to shine through. Van Dyke, for instance, is charmingly Rob Petrie-esque in his 2005 interview, whereas Dick Clark, interviewed years before his debilitating 2004 stroke, reveals his driven, media-entrepreneur side. […]Fred Silverman's lengthy interview provides a rare glimpse of the mind-set of a top network programmer.

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  1. Paul Ryan, perhaps the best interviewer I have ever seen, has an incredible collection of in depth interviews with industry people that would be an excellent adjunct to this material. Often these would be “round table” discussions with three or more participants, although there are some fabulous “stand alones.” You can connect with him easily enough.
    I’m proud to be a member of the Archive of American Television group, and encourage anyone who loves TV to support their efforts.


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