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My brother Tod saw the latest STAR WARS movie and in his musings about the morons who camped out at the wrong theatre for the last few weeks, his thoughts naturally turned to the folks at the Colonial Fan Force.  Who are they? They are the diehard BATTLESTAR GALATICA fans who spent thousands of dollars on full-page newspaper and magazine ads clamoring for a feature film version of the original series with the original cast...even though the show had already been revived as a SciFi Channel miniseries with an all-new cast.

The miniseries begat a new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series, which has turned into a great show  (far, far, FAR better than the original) and is big hit. And Richard Hatch, one of the stars of the old series, has seemingly
betrayed the Colonial Fan Force cause by taking a recurring role in the
new show.

Bsgdvdad8uzSo where does that leave the dedicated soldiers of the Colonial Fan Force? Have they given up their campaign, satisfied now that the show is back and doing well? I thought I’d check in on them and see.

Well, it’s not enough that BSG is back and a hit. They’re purists, my friends. They are still pining to see Herb Jefferson and Laurette Spang in space-age corduroy…but they’ve given up on seeing a big-screen version of the original series. Now they’ll settle for a  direct-to-DVD movie.

"There are still a significant number of people who would like to see a reunion movie based on the original 1978 series… there are still viewers waiting to see the original series concluded… The universe and DVD collections are big enough to hold both the new series and the made for DVD adventure of the original series!"

They are launching a "grass-roots" campaign to make their dream a reality.  They’ve already designed the DVD box, so they are way ahead of the game.   

They are imploring their Fan Force to distribute their flier at coffee shops, comic book stores, Star Trek conventions, Falafel huts, Jews for Jesus volleyball games, tupperware parties,   tattoo parlors, Scientology meetings, dog kennels, plastic surgery clinics, bass fishing competitions, bar mitzvahs, Jenny Craig Diet Centers, any place people congregate and share the undying, passionate dream of bringing back the original BSG with the original  cast.

If you can’t send them a check, considering giving them your old car, truck, or recreational vehicle. I’m sure they’ll even come and pick it up for you.

(Click on the picture for a larger image… and to download to pass out at your next major family gathering)

4 thoughts on “Colonial Fan Force”

  1. Oh boy… here we go again. 😉 frak!
    HOw about putting pictures of what the cast will ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE now on that flyer, do they think that it could possible scare people off?
    BTW sorry to ruin the whole “bring-back-the-original-cast-thing” but Wolfman Jack died in ’95… Hmmm looks like the idea died before it even had a chance.

  2. I’m not giving them one thin dime until I get my big screen revival of UFO with Ed Bishop, dammit. And Gabriella Drake. Yeah, I know she’s about 70, but she’s still gotta look hot in that miniskirt.
    Oh, and QUARK.* They have to bring back QUARK. In fact, I’m taking out an ad in variety demanding Richard Benjamin be called out of retirement. The Barnstable Twins have been out of work long enough! It’s not fair.
    [/Caffiene-deficient sarcasm]
    *Yeah, I know. What kind of idiot admits he remembers QUARK.

  3. Not only Wolfman Jack but John Colicos, Lorne Greene, Wilfrid Hyde-White…
    And I think the woman who played Athena has dropped out of sight as far as I read back when I frequented the Galactica boards.
    I’ve got the original series on DVD and I’m happy with that.
    So here’s one Galactica (TOS) fan who *doesn’t* back the Fan Force.


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