Columbus Sets Sail with Riordan

HARRY POTTER director Chris Columbus has found his next movie project — mystery writer Rick Riordan’s first children’s fantasy novel THE LIGHTNING THIEF. Columbus will direct and produce the movie. No word yet on who the screenwriter is. Rick is probably best known among mystery fans for his terrific Tres Navarre PI series.

3 thoughts on “Columbus Sets Sail with Riordan”

  1. And if you haven’t read those Percy Jackson novels (2 so far with the 3rd coming out in May, I believe), they really are terrific fun. My 13-year-old loves them, but it’s no big secret that I do, too.

  2. Oh, and last I had heard mention of this on Rick’s blog, the scriptwriter initially hired to do a script for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was the same writer who wrote the script for Shrek.


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