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From Variety today…

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES creator Marc Cherry is teaming up with CHUCKY creator Don Scardino to develop an "hour-long suspense" drama for ABC called KILL/SWITCH (which features a "dead heroine").  Cherry is also mulling a DH spin-off called VICIOUS CHEERLEADERS.

24 creators  Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran are developing a private eye series for FOX. The series is described as a modern-day LA CONFIDENTIAL and will track a single case for 13 episodes.

Surnow said he and Cochran were also inspired by everything from "The Maltese
Falcon" to Raymond Chandler.

"We’re going to steal from as many movies as possible," Surnow quipped.
"There’s a wonderful, visual style to it that we haven’t really seen on TV. What
we like about film noir is it’s very sexy – we hope to do to that genre what we
did with the spy genre."

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking good for the critically savaged E-RING, which was fourth in it’s timeslot, and the ratings for CSI:NY were down 37% compared to last season.

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  1. Doesn’t it disturb anyone when producers say they’re going to”steal from as many movies as possible?” This kind of thing creeps me out. Every “artist” in LA has basterdized that Picasso stealing quote for their own greedy purposes. Narcissists.

  2. Fox commits to noir pilot from ’24’ duo

    ’24’ producers Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow have a new show for Fox. It’s called ‘Thirteen’, because it’ll run over 13 episodes. Set in present-day Los Angeles, it will mine the film noir vein in the potboiler-meets-psychological-drama spirit of Curtis…


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