Daniel Craig is Bond?

The London Evening Standard is reporting that Daniel Craig has been picked to be the new James Bond.  This is not the first time this has been prematurely announced — and subsequently denied — by the Bond producers. But I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s been widely reported over the last few months that Craig has been one of the three or four top contenders for the license to kill for some time now. Variety reports that a decision will be announced this week.

5 thoughts on “Daniel Craig is Bond?”

  1. Craig is ni like Flint….its a done deal..
    better sharpen up on LAYER CAKE, this guy is going to be good. I thought Clive owen was the best Bond, was Craig has a certain uncontrollability in his persona that should suit the new Bond well, Owen was suave and could get wacky-mad (Closer) but Craig may have more overall breadth of field. Casino Royale they finally make into a good movie, the first one was awful.

  2. Excellent actor.
    The only thing I have against him is that I’ll now expect Bond to have a Geordie accent and instead of saying ‘Bond, James Bond,’ to say ‘what fettle, lass?’ instead.
    (His first major tv role was as ‘Geordie’ in a BBC series ‘Our Friends From the North.’)


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