Variety reports today that Fox has picked up BONES, based on the Kathy Reichs novels, for a full 22-episodes next season… but the future isn’t looking so bright for the new midseason crime dramas HEIST, CONVICTION or THE EVIDENCE, which are suffering from anemic ratings. HEIST was partially undone by poor lead-in from LAW AND ORDER, which reportedly had it’s weakest ratings in 15 years, presumably thanks to its new 9 pm Wednesday timeslot.

2 thoughts on “Dem BONES”

  1. HEIST was undone because it was a pointless, confusing mess with no likeable characters. I got halfway through before changing the channel and I suspect the rest of the viewing public felt the same.

  2. Didn’t see Heist. (Like many others, I gather.) Probably undone in part because it hasn’t had much promotion. I hadn’t even heard of it until earlier this week.
    Conviction seems like Grey’s Anatomy for law, but that’s not what Dick Wolf fans like about his shows. (My take, of course.)
    I saw the first episode of The Evidence and was underwhelmed. I like the characters and their interactions, but I figured out the mystery pretty early and that is rare for me.


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