Desperate Imitation?

ABC announced several new pilot projects today, one of them clearly aimed at cashing in on the huge success of  DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. It’s called SOCCER MOMS, a comedy-drama with soap opera elements about a pair of  suburban mothers who team up as PIs — one is an ex-cop, the other a housewife who knows all the neighborhood gossip. And like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, this was also written & created by a sitcom writer.

This is not the first time this concept has been tried over the years. As recently as two seasons ago, Lifetime produced an hour-long pilot called FOLLOW THE LEADS that had virtually the same concept.  The network passed…and picked up MISSING instead.

2 thoughts on “Desperate Imitation?”

  1. How about “Desperate House Cats,” a spinoff based on the life of Heathcliff, Garfield and the Meow Mix kitties who find themselves homeless, laid off and their medical catnip plots seized by the DEA … forced to accept supporting roles in Marmaduke and Scooby Doo?

  2. Hollywood has irked me, and here’s why: Their lack of originality and the fact that, though I work at home, I suppose I could be called a “housewife.” I’m hardly desperate.
    I was desperate when I tried to work in Hollywood. Desperate to get away from every horny guy who promised me a part in a movie. And I was desperate again when I worked in a corporate cubicle. I spent years wishing I could smell fresh air, see the light of day and get away from the jargon filled memos.
    Hollywood writers, in my opinion, need to get out and live a little to see who is truly desperate. Talk to those wanna-be actresses, corporate memo-readers, hamburger flippers, homeless, Hollywood personal assistants…and leave my type alone.
    Thanks, I had to vent. All done.


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