Diagnosis: DVD

TVShowsonDVD reports that the second season boxed set of DIAGNOSIS MURDER, which includes my first contributions to the show, will be released in June. Our mentor Michael Gleason (creator/EP of REMINGTON STEELE) was running DM during the second season and signed Bill Rabkin and me to write four freelance episodes, one of which turned out to be the season premiere. We were thrilled. But a few weeks later, we got hired as supervising producers on THE COSBY MYSTERIES. So we found ourselves balancing two jobs and two TV icons at once …Bill Cosby by day and Dick Van Dyke by night. We did it and somehow we even managed to write a pilot that year, too. Little did we know that our relationship with DIAGNOSIS MURDER was only just beginning.

4 thoughts on “Diagnosis: DVD”

  1. Yes, it will be released on June 5th. I was not told of any extras. If you know of any, I would love to know so I can added them to it’s Crimespree calendar entry.

  2. This is excellent news. I bought season one hoping that one more sale in the list would help push them towards releasing more seasons. I really believe DM was a show that got better every single season as the scripts became more varied and playful.


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