Diagnosis: Work

wakingnightmareI’m pleased to announce news that I will be writing four more DIAGNOSIS MURDER books, which will bring me to eight titles in the series by early 2006. The third book in the series, THE SHOOTING SCRIPT, comes out on August 3. The fourth, THE WAKING NIGHTMARE, the one I wrote with two broken arms, comes out in January 2005. I’m starting work on the fifth book, THE PAST TENSE, today…

6 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Work”

  1. Those are very very good news!!! Congrats to you! I am looking forward to all the books, wether you marry Jesse and Susan or anybody else off or not. I for myself like the way you put Susan into the story, who else could handle Jesse’s boyish ideas (i.e. the naked waitresses) as good as her? 😉

  2. I don’t know how he could name his hero “Stone Barrington” and not break out laughing every time he has to type the name. Sounds like a porn star name, doesn’t it?

  3. Bill,
    I can’t write books based on MISSING… because the series itself is already based on a series of books: “1-800-Where Are You?” by Meg Cabot, author of “The Princess Diaries” (and who, incidentally, gave me a wonderful blurb on the next DM book).


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