Disneyland of Books

Greetings from the Grannery Pub in Hay-on-Wye,  the Disneyland for book lovers. This tiny village is devoted almost entirely to bookstores. I have shown super-human restraint and have only bought about a dozen books, which I have shipped back to the US by goat and freighter…the package should arrive in six months. This pub is apparently the only place in town with an Internet connection, so I am sitting here, eating an amazing Chicken Pie, catching up on 200 emails and trying very hard not to dribble gravy on my keyboard. Tomorrow it’s  off to London and, after three days there, on to Stockholm.

3 thoughts on “Disneyland of Books”

  1. Sounds like a town I need to visit.I find it passingly hard to walk past a book store without stopping in, even if I’m broke. Just browsing is a nice way to pass the time.

  2. Welcome to London, sir. Remember to bring a top hat, and a cane to fend off ruffians who may attack you during one of our pea-soupers. Whatever you do, wear LOTS of clothes, it’s bloody freezing here right now…


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