Tvshowsondvd has the latest news on the first season boxed set of DIAGNOSIS MURDER, which  will be released on  Sept. 12.  So far, it looks as though they won’t be including the original pilot (which aired as an episode of JAKE AND THE FATMAN) or the three TV movies which preceded the hour-long series. The set will include a flier advertising my seventh DM novel, THE DOUBLE LIFE, so that should be reason enough to buy it!

6 thoughts on “DM on DVD”

  1. Hallmark Channel is running “Trash TV” Parts 1 and 2, edited into a full length film. Lee, it’s been a while since I’ve laughed like this!
    Do you have any of the posters seen in Burley’s office? And who was the star in THIS version of “My Gun Has Bullets”? From the glimpse of the poster, it sure as hell was not Charlie…:)

  2. I have MANSECT. I put it up in my office whenever Bill and I produce a show. MANSECT seemed so over the top to me at the time…but people come into my office and think it’s a real project of mine…especially since SciFi did that movie MANSQUITO. I think I may also have the posters for LUMINA and MY GUN HAS BULLETS somewhere.

  3. Again, “Trash TV” is an instant classic. Steven Cannell was perfect as ‘Jackson Burley’, and Dick Van Dyke’s facial expressions in their conversations made me laugh until I had tears running..:) But it was the Burley-ism “You HAD the Truth in there, I just found it for you” and the resturant scene where Burley was relegated to the little table right next to the kitchen door that caused hysterical laughter….


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