Doubling Up on Mediums?

Variety reports that Lifetime has shelled out $1.3 million an episode for MEDIUM reruns, which is interesting, considering the network pays  only a little more than that for new episodes of MISSING, their first-run show about an FBI agent/medium who finds missing persons. In fact, MISSING is their only remaining first-run series. So the question I have for psychics out there, crime-solving and otherwise:…will Lifetime double up on mediums and keep MISSING, or does this pricey rerun deal spell doom for the show?

5 thoughts on “Doubling Up on Mediums?”

  1. It looked crappy on my TV, too. I tried the 3-D glasses that came in TV Guide, and a pair my daughter had, and it still looked terrible. (the photo spread in TV Guide looked cool, though, in 3-D).


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