Dumbest Promo Tease of the Season

The NBC promo department must have run out of things to say to draw viewers to new episodes of their shows. What other explanation can there be to explain this promotional tease for next week’s episode of SURFACE?

"The premiere was only the beginning."

Then again, I suppose it’s a bold promotional strategy, considering that for most new shows lately on NBC the premiere has also been the end.

5 thoughts on “Dumbest Promo Tease of the Season”

  1. SURFACE was dreadful. There wasn’t a single sympathetic character. The Pate Brothers simply do not understand character development. It was insipidly directed. From the first scene on, every character was one-dimensional. Whereas THRESHOLD was quite good with some authenticity and strong writing, I thought. I liked SUPERNATURAL as well. Very strong direction from David Nutter of X-Files fame. INVASION is next…

  2. Other promo lines NBC should consider for future episodes of SURFACE. Imagine that deep, gravely, NBC Voice intoning:
    “The beginning was just the start.”
    “The start is only the beginning.”
    “The second episode was just the one that followed the first. Now…there is a third.”
    “This episode is over. Next week there is… another one.”
    “Surface. The fourth episode was simply a prelude to the fifth…”
    “After the fifth episode comes the sxith. Only on NBC.”
    “Surface. The story continues Monday. God willing.”


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