Elaine Viets Update

Great news — Elaine Viets is on her way home today, only a week since suffering a stroke. I told you she’s a fighter! Here’s the latest update from her friends Kris Montee and Barbara Parker:

Nobody thought this would happen so soon, but if you know Elaine you know she wasn’t going to sit still for this for long.  When Barbara asked her where she was going, she said "Home, then I-Hop."

[…] She’ll need home nurses for a while, but Elaine Viets is definitely on her way back. Elaine is very tired, but there are no signs of paralysis, and physical therapy is scheduled to begin Monday.

[…] Elaine’s her main concern — and she has expressed this herself — hooray! — is that her new Dead End Job mystery, pub. date May 1, will fall flat without her being available to promote it.  (She was scheduled to tour for it, but that’s out of course). So, instead of buying food or sending flowers, we’d recommend that everyone contact his or her local independent bookseller and order two copies of MURDER WITH RESERVATIONS, and encourage everyone they know to do the same.  The best present in the world for Elaine would be a spot on the NYTimes bestseller list.

4 thoughts on “Elaine Viets Update”

  1. Happy to hear she is recovering so quickly. Strokes hit suddenly, and don’t care if you are a literary genius or a pre-published purveyor of perverse fanfic. It is good advice to find out what hospitals near you have the best stroke treatment record..so if you have a stroke, you can insist they take you there!

  2. Elaine –
    Mary Kimbrough, still in St. Louis, wishes you a speedy recovery! Her thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I saw you in St. Louis the last few times you were here, and I’ll do my best to promote your book on a personal level.
    Mary and I wish you the best – of health and of success with your book!

  3. Be well, my dear friend. My love and best wishes are with you, Elaine and Don. I’ll miss seeing you next week in New York as planned — and I have no doubt you will be back soon and strong. Much love, Valerie


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