Equalizer Returns

As I first reported back in April,  a movie version of THE EQUALIZER is in the works. The latest newsiin Variety  is that producer Mace Neufeld has talked The Weinstein Company into picking up the rights and footing the bill for developing the feature.

"The Equalizer was one of my favorite TV series of hte 1980s, because the writing was always smart and very unpredictable," said Harvey Weinstein.

No director, screenwriter or cast have been attached yet — but wouldn’t it be great if Tarantino took a crack at it?

7 thoughts on “Equalizer Returns”

  1. Tarrantino would be great. That kind of show seems right up his alley. Next question, would there be a part for Edward Woodward? I’ll nominate Victor Garber or Terrance Stamp for the McCall part, with an edge on Stamp. Hopefully they won’t make McCall “younger” in an attempt to catch the 20-something audience. That character demands to be over 50.

  2. Instead of recasting Woodward as McCall, why not make the movie an extension of the TV show?
    Have an actor play someone else who inherits the “Equalizer” mantle from Robert McCall; someone “of a certain age” who was also a disillusioned agent for the Company.
    It’s not like it hadn’t already happened. Due to health problems during the course of the show, a character played by the late Richard Jordan stepped in to do the job.
    Failing that, the producers should at least try to get Woodward to appear in the movie in some other capacity. Perhaps he could be the new Control?


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