Everwood Nevermore

The CW has leaked it’s fall schedule… and it doesn’t include EVERWOOD or REBA.  The sked will reportedly be a mix of old favorites from UPN (VERONICA MARS, AMERICA’S TOP MODEL, ALL OF US, EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, GIRLFRIENDS) and The WB (GILMORE GIRLS, 7th HEAVEN, ONE TREE HILL, SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL) and the new shows PALM SPRINGS (a soap from Kevin Williamson), RUNAWAY (Donnie Wahlberg is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit), and the GIRLFRIEND’s spin-off THE GAME. The CW didn’t pick-up the WB-developed AQUAMAN, surprising industry pundits who considered it a done deal, since the project was from the folks behind SMALLVILLE.

UPDATE: Les Moonves blinked… and instead of paying 20th Century Fox a $20 million penalty for not picking up REBA (which the late WB had previously renewed for two seasons)… he’s decided to bring back to the show for midseason. Meanwhile, for some reason PALM SPRINGS has been renamed HIDDEN PALMS…which sounds kind of clunky to me.

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  1. I have heard wonderful things about the show from people I respect…but sadly, no, I haven’t been watching the show. Some day I will have to get the complete season DVDs and catch up.

  2. Yes, you absolutely must catch up on Veronica Mars.
    I am rejoicing that it is back. I am mourning the loss of Reba, however. I never made it to a taping of the show (a goal of mine). Beside, it was the only sit-com I watched on a regular basis.

  3. Interesting about both Reba and Everwood.
    Reba was renewed for two years last season so the new network will supposedly have to pay quite a lot of $$ to get out of the deal early with FOX.
    Everwood is more popular (and many say a better show) than One Tree Hill but is also more expensive to produce. I’ve also heard that with 7th Heaven’s surprise renewal, the CW doesn’t have room on the schedule.
    I posted some other details on my site for anyone who’s curious.


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