Facing the Firing Squad

TVSquad, via MediaLife Magazine, has posted a list of shows that media buyers (the folks who purchase advertising time on the networks) believe are facing cancellation. There are a couple of surprises — like the inclusion of LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT and GEORGE LOPEZ and the omission of CLOSE TO HOME and INVASION (cable series, like THE DEAD ZONE and MISSING, aren’t covered on the list).

  • Four Kings, NBC
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NBC
  • Joey, NBC
  • E-Ring, NBC
  • Fear Factor, NBC
  • Surface, NBC
  • Scrubs, NBC
  • Stacked, FOX
  • War at
    , FOX
  • Still
    , CBS
  • Yes, Dear,
  • King of Queens, CBS
  • Out of Practice, CBS
  • Courting Alex, CBS
  • Crumbs, ABC
  • Freddie,
  • Rodney, ABC
  • According to Jim, ABC
  • Hope & Faith, ABC
  • George Lopez, ABC
  • Commander in Chief, ABC

11 thoughts on “Facing the Firing Squad”

  1. A lot of those aren’t really surprising, although I certainly hope they don’t cancel “Scrubs”. With the way NBC treated it this season, though, it wouldn’t be a huge shock.

  2. I will only be sad if Scrubs disappears. I love that show. They have some of the best guest stars and some awesome story lines. I really hope that it doesn’t get cancelled.

  3. “Invasion” has been a Wednesday must see!
    Love that show…you just never know what to expect…so my pillow is never far from me.:-)
    Okay it’s not that scary..but it’s all in the presentation…and I can’t wait to see
    what’s in the glowing belly.
    I had no idea that Shawn Cassidy wrote or produced..but I am impressed.

  4. I don’t watch much TV, but whenever I get to liking a show, it gets cancelled. I got into ‘Arrested Development’ late in its run, and boom. I started watching and enjoying ‘Hot Property’ (at least partly because it was worth sitting through the occasional stale joke to watch Sofia Vergara walk across the set) and away it went.
    This after years of not watching network TV. Although my guilty pleasure is the inane ‘Survivor’, which I watch more out of a sense of tradition than anything else, and my devotion hasn’t seemed to have hurt it any.

  5. “I had no idea that Shawn Cassidy wrote or produced..but I am impressed”
    Yeah, they keep that well hidden — apart from the credits which say created by…executive produced by…written by…art directed by…catered by…wrangled by…and directed by… Shaun Cassidy!
    And amazingly the Democrats lose the White House thrice in 15 months in the West Wing, CinC and errr, real life.
    I mean, no one REALLY believes she’s an “independent”! Do they?

  6. Commander in Chief seems like a weird missed opportunity. I mean, here’s a show that debuted to great ratings and everything seemed to be going pretty well, and then they start switching showrunners and changing the focus and the ratings drop, and now it could be cancelled. I get that you’d want to change something up if it’s foundering, by why do all that when the original seemed to be working?


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