5 thoughts on “Fast Track Japan DVD”

  1. The American distribution rights are still being negotiated…and I don’t know yet whether it will premiere on TV first or go direct to DVD. I also don’t know yet when and where it will show up in the UK. I do know it will be airing on M6 in France this Spring.

  2. This is kind of exciting news. “Hey, my DVD is coming out in Japan!” That’s not heard very often in Guelph even though there’s a first class science university here.
    But it sort of makes me wonder if there is any way to estimate how well it might do, or if it’s just ‘try it and we’ll see.’ Or if there is anything a producer can do to promote it, like setting up a Japanese website to get the word out, and putting ads in movie magazines.
    Anyway, is there any word on when it comes to Canada? There is an actual street racing subculture in Toronto that gives fits to the police so I would imagine Toronto might be a good market for this.

  3. Since Japan is the birthplace of drifting, it should be a hit there.
    Because Japanese phonetic spelling of English words can be tricky, I’m not sure if the blurb on the front says “full-tune machine” or “fortune machine.” (I suppose if I bothered to translate the rest of the sentence, that would reveal the answer.)


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