I have no idea who this guy is…or where he saw FAST TRACK…but he gave the movie a rave:

The lives of four characters criss-cross when each of them gets
involved with the world of illegal street racing.  And lots of fun it
is, too. Lee Goldberg has created four very interesting characters and set up some cool
dynamics between all of them.  It's got a few good stunts here and
there, but most of the two hour pilot is devoted to the relationships
betweeen the characters: the deeply-in-debt owner of a garage and her
boyfriend, a cop who secretly street races for thrills.  Her friend,
Mike, wants to be a street racer if she will give him the chance.  She
won't, but a rich, bored trophy wife is happy to jump into his world,
and he's happy to jump into her bed in return.  There's some criminal
hijinks and a few gun battles along the way and – by the end of it all
– the four leads have bonded into a very unusual team.  I would love to
see more.

Thanks Michael!

4 thoughts on “FAST TRACK rave”

  1. I’m not saying that this is where the guy from your post saw it, but I noticed “Fast Track” on an illegal movie/tv streaming video site a couple weeks back. Just checked the link and it’s still working. I won’t give out the address here, but thought you’d be interested in knowing.

  2. I’ve seen rips of FAST TRACK all over the Internet (most of them taken from the Spanish DVD edition). I even downloaded a couple of them myself just to see the quality…to be honest, I am surprised by how good they look. No wonder the studios are terrified about piracy.

  3. Maybe all the good buzz from these illegal rips will finally get Fast Track on the fast track for the rest of us to see.


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