Florida Sues Writers Literary Agency

The Florida Sun Sentinel reports that the state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Robert Fletcher, aka Writers Literary Agency, for defrauding authors:

The so-called Writer's Literary Agency used more than 20 websites and related companies to collect money from writers, who paid fees from $89 to $600 for critiques, editing and marketing of manuscripts, according to the Attorney General's Office.

The state's lawsuit says few books were ever sold as the result of company owner Robert Fletcher's efforts.

More than 175 complaints were filed from around the world about Fletcher, who admitted to having no background as a literary agent and to using at least 10 aliases in his businesses.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent Fletcher from future business ventures in the literary field, restitution for his victims and fines.

This is great news. You may recall that Fletcher unsuccessfully sued Writer Beware for exposing his activities. It would be nice if other state attorney generals were as aggressive about shutting down scam literary agents and vanity press "publishers." Even so, I'm hoping this will have a chilling affect on similar activities by others who prey on aspiring authors.

6 thoughts on “Florida Sues Writers Literary Agency”

  1. I get to show off my inner copy editor. It’s attorneys general, not attorney generals. I care about such nonesense so you don’t have to.

  2. Writer Beware has played a big part in this.
    I rejoiced when Ann and Victoria won the lawsuit which Robert Fletcher brought against them (he of the frivolous lawsuit, and fraudulent business practices): I wonder how he’ll try to wriggle out of paying the costs which were awarded against him?
    Anyway. Happy days. I shall follow this one with great interest, and much joy.

  3. Jane:
    Evidentally I have been “duped” again. I have two books with PA (isbn#1608360024 and 9781607496816)that they are not doing anything with like the electronic postcards and the ability for a review. Now I have sent another book to writers literary and paid the $89 for a critique now nothing is being done. IS THERE ANY HONEST PEOPLE LEFT IN THIS WORLD???

  4. Carolyn,
    You have to take some responsibility for your problems. You aren’t blameless in this. All it would have taken is five minutes on Google to discover that Publish America is a scam…but you went with them anyway. And five minutes on the Internet would have revealed that Writers Literary was a scam, too. It’s not like the questionable business practices of these two companies were a secret…people have been writing and blogging about them FOR YEARS. You need to do your research and use some common sense before getting into business with people.

  5. Yes there still are honest ethical individuals. I am living proof. How many people are ethical and honest is another question. Actually my family is in the book business. I am also a writer. I consider myself an amateur since I have not to this date submitted anything to a writing contest nor have I published anything to date. I am and have been a scriptwriter. I have not dabbled into much other than screenplays. I hope to get my screenplay sold soon. I would love to talk to a fellow writer.
    the url to my facebook is


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