Fortune Cookie Dreams

You want to know how desperate people are to break into television? You don’t have to look any further than the fortune cookies at LA’s chinese restaurants.

I’ve gone to three different Chinese restaurants… and one Mongolian Barbeque… that serve fortune cookies with two sided fortunes. One side tells you your fortune (“You are destined for a life of luxury”) and the other side has an advertisement:

Hollywood “Pitch N’ Win” @ Do you have the next “Millionaire” hit? Pitch your TV show idea to 3 TV execs in Hollywood. Enter @….

Naturally, I checked it out. The contest is over, but the idea was that their two judges (an agent and a manager… they apparently couldn’t find a third sap) would pick the best reality show ideas and a production company would pitch the idea around town. If the show sells, the winner agrees to sign over all rights for a one-time $50,000 payment. What a deal. I’m sure this is how Mark Burnett got his start.

Only in LA would someone think they can get their big TV break by answering an ad in a fortune cookie…

2 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Dreams”

  1. i been writing for over ten years and I can’t get a break, how do you get en agent to look at your work. I have a good story for a tv series it’s title is ” angel on call ” I’ve written 9 chapters but I need help to get it to a tv network, please help me or direct me to en agent, thank you yours truly Leo Sedillos, e-mail me, hope to hear from you!

  2. The best way to break in is to leave a comment to a post about fortune cookies on a screenwriter’s blog.
    Next, it’s writing “9 chapters” of a TV series.
    Third, it’s using “en” instead of “an” when writing incoherent sentences.
    You’re already on your way to success!


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