Getting Read

There’s a great interview at UKSFBookNews with IAMTW member Steve Saville about his nomination for a Scribe Award. Here’s a short excerpt: 

UKSFBN: Do you think these awards are going to help raise the
profile and respectability of tie-in novels and boost sales, or is it
more of an intra-industry back-slapping exercise?

SAVILLE: Sorry, I can’t help but chuckle at the idea of the awards existing
to boost sales when as a general rule of thumb most media tie-ins
outsell traditional SF and Fantasy novels quite considerably – and I
don’t mean one or two thousand more copies, I mean twenty or thirty or
fifty thousand copies and often more.

I find it quite interesting, but tie-in writing is often seen as the
‘ghetto within the ghetto’, which is just absurd when you consider %

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