God Is A Bullet…and a Movie

I found this nugget in Variety today…Nick Cassavetes is writing and directing an adaptation of Boston Teran’s novel GOD IS A BULLET.  You may recall that Boston Teran is a pseudonym … reportedly for a well-known mystery author who wanted to try a different voice.  While GOD IS A BULLET generated some heat, the follow-up book didn’t.

3 thoughts on “God Is A Bullet…and a Movie”

  1. “Boston Teran”.
    Mmmm. Two cities/towns making one name.
    I wonder what other towns could be paired for a mighty good pen-name..
    Jerusalem London — the famed travel writer, celibate, and esthete
    Paris Washington — a fine writer of historical fiction
    Reno Vegas — 50’s pastiche pulp fiction scribe
    Venetia Madrid – high class porn writer in the Anais Nin school
    I could go on forever. But thankfully, I won’t


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