Graham Masterton Lives

When I was a kid, I devoured the horror novels by Graham Masterton…who is probably best known for THE MANITOU, which became a silly Tony Curtis movie about a woman in a San Francisco hospital with a reincarnated Indian medicine man growing in her back.  I loved it. I always wondered what happened to Masterton… so I was thrilled when I found a Q&A with him on Ed Gorman’s site.  It turns out that Masterton is still writing…and has four books coming out soon, including another sequel to THE MANITOU, his first novel.

I was writing very successful sex "how-to" books in the mid-1970s
(remember that I was executive editor of Penthouse at that time). But
the bottom fell out of the sex book market quite abruptly and Andy
Ettinger at Pinnacle decided he didn’t want to honor my latest
contract. So I sent him THE MANITOU as a substitute. He called me when
I was sunning myself in the garden and said he’d take it, so long as I
changed the ending. Which I naturally did. Wouldn’t you?

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  1. You’re the best horror writer of all time in my opinion Graham. Your novels The House That Jack Built, the Rook series, The Walkers, The Manitou, The Djinn, Charnel House are some of the greatest works of all time. Keep up the great work Graham, you’re a legend.


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