Gross Points

It pays to be the co-author of a James Patterson novel. Publishers Weekly reports that frequent Patterson collaborator Andrew Gross has signed a lucrative three-book deal with William Morrow.

The first book in the trio, and Gross’s single
credit debut, The Blue Zone is planned for a 2007 release. The three
titles, which were acquired in a world rights deal from Simon Lipskar of Writers
House, are hoped to be the beginning of a new franchise headlined (instead of
sub-headlined) by Gross or, as William Morrow senior v-p and publisher Lisa
Gallagher put it, "the beginning of a long and prosperous partnership." Morrow
isn’t certain how or if Patterson’s name will appear on the cover of Gross’s
first solo effort.

They can put Patterson’s name on the cover of my next book if they want.

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