Hard Placement

I saw FEVER PITCH today and, to give you an idea how involving the film was, the only bit that sticks with me was the prominent placement of George Pelecano’s book HARD REVOLUTION in a scene. It was displayed on a high school secretary’s desk, full cover forward. I wonder whether the publisher paid for this product placement, or if Pelecano is a friend of the Farrelly Brothers (who directed the movie).

6 thoughts on “Hard Placement”

  1. I liked the movie much more than you (since I do know guys like that, albeit they are not Red Sox fans, so it trumped the Jimmy Fallon Sucks factor) but the HARD REVOLUTION extended shot was very amusing. But if they wanted to pay for product placement, shouldn’t they have gone for the new book?

  2. RE: Product placement. It could be worse, I suppose. It could have been an E.T. doll reading the book while gumming a bag of M&Ms, slugging down a Coors beer, and smearing himself with melted Reese’s pieces in an oh-so sexual manner.

  3. Pelecanos’ book Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go was featured in another Farrelly movie: Shallow Hal. At one point, Jack Black is reading it showing the full cover to the audience. Maybe they’re just big fans?


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