Hard Time

Zap2it.com is reporting that ABC is moving forward on a private eye drama from “Usual Suspects” scribe Christopher McQuarrie called HARD TIME.

The drama focuses on a convict who gets out of jail and becomes a successful investigator thanks to his ability to see misdeeds from the perspective of the criminal.

Um…wasn’t that THE ROCKFORD FILES?

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  1. Actually, Lee, I interviewed a PI while working on my last novel (ie. – Me and a buddy who used to be in the biz found an excuse to drink beer at our favorite bar – and write it off). My friend was, at one time, a “less than productive citizen,” which was exactly how he ended up working with an ex-cop in his agency. The former cop wanted a criminal mind to see things a police office might not look at.
    And if it throws back to THE ROCKFORD FILES, so much the better. ROCKFORD told the type of stories that have been long missing on TV for years now. There’s no underestimating the impact that show had on PI fiction. The stories I’ve always liked best usually have what I call “Rockford moments” in them. Michael Koryta’s TONIGHT I SAID GOODBYE is the latest example of that, where detective Lincoln Perry is caught unarmed by two Russian thugs. He escapes by not only claiming he’s an activist canvassing for a dying children’s fund, but scams the thugs out of $20. It’s probably the funniest scene in the book.


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