My boxed set of the real first season episodes of BAYWATCH arrived from the UK this weekend. I’d forgotten how good the production values were and how truly awful the writing was (and yes, I am talking about my own scripts). The theme song from the first season was Peter Cetera’s "Save Me," and the title sequence was carefully cut to match the song. Cetera’s song is gone and some awful crap by Kim Carnes has been slapped on in its place.  The problem isn’t so much the song, but the fact that the moves in the song don’t match the edits in the main title sequence so it feels out-of-sync, like dubbed dialgoue that doesn’t follow the movements of the actors’ lips. What I don’t get is why they couldn’t substitute "Save Me" with the "I’ll Be There" theme from the syndicated seasons…

2 thoughts on “Hasselhoffed”

  1. Your ex-wife Pamela Anderson is featured on Borat. In fact she has only one scene but plays a pivotal role throughout the movie.

  2. On the other hand, with the music copyright laws in the UK being what they are (i.e. expiring after 50 years), they could have used a lot of early rock and roll, no? Way too early for the Beach Boys but really, there could have been something good they could have gotten for free.


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