Hawaiian Eye

Writer Ken Levine is off to Hawaii today — and as his going away present to his blog readers, he left a very funny post about his last trip to the islands. Here’s a taste:

Their signature restaurant is Humahumanukunukuapua’s (actual name). But people
call is Humahumanhukunu’s for short. Lobster was $59 a pound (again, this is
true). They should change the name to Hubrishubrishubrishubrischutzpah…

…They sell jewelry down at the pool. Women with their guts hanging over their
bikini bottoms trying on pearls. I have no idea whether they like the stuff or
not. Because of the Botox they can’t make an expression.

Went twice to
Roy’s restaurant. Best food on the island and never disappoints. And the view?
Spectacular. Roy’s is in the parking lot of a shopping center. You know you’re
in Hawaii when you see the crimson sun set behind the Safeway and the Crazy
Shirt Emporium.

Have a terrific trip, Ken!

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