HEIST Pulled Off

TVSquad reports that HEIST has been axed. No surprise. What is surprising is that Mark Cullen, the creator of the show left a comment on the blog about it, confirming the cancellation and sharing his frustrations:

Yes, the show’s run was cut from 13 episodes to 6. For those of you who
liked it — thanks so much for watching. It was supposed to be fun and
we were just finding our legs when we were cancelled. For those of you
who didn’t – Why did you watch it? What kind of free time do you have?
Also, you should try creating a network show sometime. Not easy. NBC
will be showing three more episodes of the show, and I’d be surprised
if you don’t think it’s a top-tier show at the end of it’s run.

2 thoughts on “HEIST Pulled Off”

  1. When a series is cancelled before the end of its season, and like ‘Heist’ burn off 3 more episodes, what is the point? If people aren’t watching it in the first place why will they watch the remaining 3? And if you were watching it, 1, you will be left more in the dark about the Heist is finalized and 2, you will switch to another network and checkout what you have been missing.
    OK, so the money has been spent and they have time to fill and don’t have a ready replacement. Shouldn’t they have thought of that in the first place?
    This of course holds true with any show quickly pulled.

  2. Richard,
    Many, many times series are abruptly yanked and their remaining episodes are never aired/burned off. Only lately, with the advent of boxed DVD sets, are some of these unaired episodes coming to light.
    I can think of several shows where entire SEASONS weren’t aired (FIRE COMPANY 132 comes to mind).


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