This is driving me NUTS…

Sometime in the last four or five days, I clicked on a link in a blog post that led to an article about a guy who’d graduated from a two-day seminar on how to seduce women and who’d gone to a club to try out what he’d learned. The article was written in first-person by a reporter who accompanied the guy and talked about the techniques, the "pros" who teach the course, etc. 

It was a very funny article and included a sure-fire story you could tell that was guaranteed to make any woman who heard it uncontrollably horny (something to do with how thrilling rollercoasters are and how they make your heart race).  Of course, I  immediately tried the story on my wife to see if she’d start foaming at the mouth, tackle me to the floor, and ravage me to satisfy her hot, savage lust.

She didn’t. 

But that’s not the point. Here’s the thing: I’d like to use my own variation of that sure-fire seduction story for a character in my MONK book and I can’t remember it…and I can’t find the article. I’ve tried plugging in key words  like "pick up lines" and "rollercoaster" and "arouse" and "seduction course" into various seach engines and have gotten nowhere.

Did anybody else read that article? If so, please tell me where to find it!

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  1. That isn’t the article I read…but that IS basically the “sure fire” seduction story (or a version of it any way) that was mentioned in the article. Thank you so much!
    Isn’t my cousin Anea amazing? Ten seconds after I post my question she finds the answer. Wow…how did you find it so fast?

  2. There was an article about this guy in the NY Times a while back. The tip that most fascinated me was the idea that great success could be found hitting on women who already had a boyfriend or were at a bar/party with other men. Apparently, being with a man made a woman less fearful of a stranger, appreciate the boldness of the guy trying to pick her up, and likely to end a dying relationship.


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