Hijinks on The High Seas

No, I’m not talking about yet another revival of THE LOVE BOAT.

HIJINKS ON THE HIGH SEAS is  a mystery-writing cruise on March 24-27th to Mexico put together by Joan Hansen, the wonder woman behind the wonderful MEN OF MYSTERY event (and she’s the winner of this year’s prestigious Raven Award from the Mystery Writers of America).  Speakers hosting on-board seminars include yours truly, my brother Tod, and Matt Witten among others. For more information, call  (562)
595-6905. Call Now! That’s (562)
595-6905. Operators are standing by! (562)


2 thoughts on “Hijinks on The High Seas”

  1. Is there going to be a murder mystery involved, too?
    “Someone’s killed the captain! And all we have is the shifty-eyed poop deck scrubber and a half-blind galleymaid!”
    Regardless, I’m petrified of boats, though it does sound like fun!


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