Honolulu Part 2

It was a bright, sunny, cloudless day. Before going to my signing at Barnes & Noble, we drove to Kahala Beach and took a long walk, ogling the amazing homes.  I didn’t sell a single book at my signing (it was Super Bowl Sunday after all), but they had plenty of my books on hand, the staff was great, and I had very pleasant conversations some (non-buying) customers.  I don’t mind that there wasn’t a turn-0ut — I’m sure the signed copies will be prominently displaced and I’m telling people at every library talk to go to the Barnes & Noble if they want to buy my books.

We were met at the store by librarian Cindy Chow, who showed up in black leather astride a purple motorcycle, ready to lead my family and I on a little sight-seeing tour before my talk at the Kaneohe Library.  We followed her in our rental car. She took us up to the Pali Lookout and then down to Kailua Town, where we had a shave ice and took another walk on the beach. 

Much to my surprise, we had a crowd waiting for us at the library when we walked in promptly at 3pm. There were people of all ages there and they asked lots of good questions. I ended up staying until the library closed to answer them all (I have a feeling those books at B&N won’t be there for long). Afterwards, Cindy took us to a nice restaurant overlooking the mountains.

Tomorrow, I don’t have a library signing until the evening, so we’re getting out of Waikiki and starting the day at Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling. Cindy will pick me up at the hotel at 4 pm to make our 6 pm library talk in Pearl City (apparently the traffic here is terrible). I wonder if I’m gonna have to ride on the back of her bike…

6 thoughts on “Honolulu Part 2”

  1. Good for you for still going through with a promotion happening on SuperBowl Sunday and keeping it all in perspective. Good luck with your book and have a great time in paradise. I bet you will see some sea turtles in the bay and your luck will turn.
    Aloha, Donna

  2. “…ready to lead my family and I…”
    I hereby divorce you as my partner.
    Now go sit in the corner for two hours.

  3. Glad you got up to Pali Lookout. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And yesterday was a gorgeous day, though a bit chilly for here. One of our RWA members was at your talk at Kaneohe. Dee Buckingham, older lady with brown hair. Knowing Dee, she asked you lots of questions. 🙂 She’s also a librarian. She very much enjoyed your talk.
    I’ll be sure to get to B&N and get a book. You’re right about the Super Bowl. I was stuck at home semi-watching it with my husband. 🙂
    If you have an opportunity, try to get someone to tell you how to get up Round Top Drive. There’s a lookout near the top. You can see Honolulu spread out below. Diamondhead, Punchbowl, the airport–all are visible. It’s quite amazing.
    Yep, traffic into Pearl City that time of day is going to be nuts. On the day you have to go to Kapolei, if you can get out there early (leave around 2:30), you’ll avoid a lot of that mess. You can while away some time at the Ko Olina resort perhaps. 🙂 I don’t believe you have to be staying there to use the lagoons, though I can’t say that for certain.


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