How Did I Miss This?

Glorianna Arias, aka Lady Sybilla, the delusional fanficcer who plans to self-publish her own TWILIGHT novel entitled RUSSET NOON, has launched a blog where she's sharing chapters from her upcoming, craptastic opus…

"The reason we continue to move forward with the publication of Russet Noon as a paperback novel is because we are confident that there are no grounds for a lawsuit. We do not intend to make a profit from this venture, and any books we publish will be given out for free. The only difference between Russet Noon and other Twilight fanfics is that Russet Noon will be a free paperback novel."

What she meant is that she no longer intends to make a profit from the book…but she once did. Arias was taking orders for the book on her website and on ebay until word got out about it. 

But this story keeps getting better…and weirder. Arias has announced that she's going to self-publish a "tell-all" book entitled LADY SYBILLA'S MANIFESTO: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE 'RUSSET NOON' CONTROVERSY. 

You will be able to find the book online and in the gift shops of  mental hospitals nationwide in January. 

I can't wait.

7 thoughts on “How Did I Miss This?”

  1. Why doesn’t she just post it on a fanfic site like all other fanfic writers? I’m lost. This makes no sense. Fan fiction is a fun pastime of shared amusement and occasional honest creativity. But pay to print it up and give it away? Why? What’s the point? I think you’re right. The lady is nuts.

  2. This is a real infringement of the author’s rights, in my opinion. This book could very well damage or adversely effect her franchise. I’m wondering if somebody should send an email to a politician to try to get the law changed so this book can’t happen. We live in an internet world that can distribute such books to hundreds of thousands in a very short time and that seems wrong to me. It’s one thing to write such a book and read it to your children for fun, or for your own amusement, it’s another to distribute it online. If this was my franchise, I’d be upset.

  3. As I understand it she wrote to SM and offered to abort the project and as SM didn’t answer she now feels free to go ahead. Well, I don’t see the sense in what she’s doing, but if it makes her happy… Anyways I don’t think this endeavour will damage SM’s sales numbers in any form.

  4. It is likely that any piece of fiction infringes on something else that was created before.
    For example, there must have been characters virtually identical to the police in Monk. Yet noone complains about that.

  5. I’ve sent notices to the publisher’s publicity and legal departments about this person, and no one bothered to send a reply.
    She is well aware of the illegality, has been warned about it for months, and still chooses to ignore it. She seems to enjoy the attention, even when it’s all negative.
    I could feel sorry for her, but I don’t have much in the way of sympathy and patience for those who apparently choose to be stupid about the realities of life.

  6. If you go to her site — — you can see on the left side of the screen that she’s included Russet Noon in a list alongside the actual Twilight books. As if it is actually a Twilight book. It drives me _insane_.
    Considering how much I dislike the real, Stephenie Meyer Twilight saga, it’s a mark of real achievement on Lady Sybilla’s part that she managed to make me hate Russet Noon as much as I do. I wonder if Lady S has any idea of how much Twilight fans are going to hate her if Russet Noon drives Stephenie Meyer to shut down _all_ Twilight fanfiction — which I can see as a definite possibility if she keeps this up??

  7. Hey, I missed it for even longer than you. I wouldn’t have even known about it had I not randomly stumbled onto some article on a site about it just this afternoon.
    What an egomaniacal attention whore. How cute, she doesn’t agree with copyright law. Her opinion is irrelevant. Intellectual property rights and copyright laws are pretty explicit in the US of A. There is a reason fans of Anne Rice famously cannot, for example, write fanfiction (exception: and then post it openly, because I daresay there’s got to be contraband floating around somewhere): because she doesn’t like it and it’s *her* property, so she gets to say what’s what. I may hate Twilight with the fury of a thousand suns, but this makes me angry in defense of it.
    This Lady Sybilla is rather lucky she hasn’t gotten sued. She wouldn’t have a chance in a court of law here.


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