How One Survivor Survives

Somehow I missed this news item in the holiday rush. It turns out that Jenna Lewis, the 27-year-old single  mother of handicapped twins and one of the original SURVIVOR castmembers, tried to X-tend her 15 minutes of fame.Jennalewis_survivorallstars_240_002

Back in May, Jenna and her new male-model husband made a hard-core video tape of their  "honeymoon
adventures" for "personal use" — only to be stunned when it "disappeared."

"I ran around the house crying, screaming, so angry and upset that
day," she told reporters at the time. 

And she was "fighting mad" and out-raged when the tape showed up for sale at $40-a-copy on a website. Her biggest concern, she said in a press release, was the impact the tape might have on her 8-year-old daughters. The people who did this were despicable scum.

Well, surprise surprise… it turns out she is the despicable scum.  The New York Daily News discovered in December that Jenna Lewis and her manager own the website that’s selling the tape… and they have made $100,000 in sales so far.

It’s a shame. Lewis came across as so genuine and grounded on the original SURVIVOR. Seeing what fame has turned her into is truly sad…and sickening.

(For more details, check out Steve Rogers’ article at RealityTVWorld)

3 thoughts on “How One Survivor Survives”

  1. So funny. This chick is from New Hampshire … the next town over from me. It was a big deal in the papers up there about her when she was on the show.
    You can take the girl out of New Hampshire …

  2. Shades of Paris Hilton….Now Jenna. Down home these skanks are called “dirty legs”. This is the type that when she gets home after a night out she throws her
    panties up at the ceiling and if they stick she knows she had a good time.


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