I Am Looking Forward to “Dexter,” the reality series

Variety reports that Showtime is bringing back THE L WORD…this time as a reality series.

Pay cabler has greenlit nine episodes of "The Real L Word: Los Angeles," from "L Word" creator Ilene Chaiken and reality producers Magical Elves ("Top Chef").
Show will follow six lesbians in Los Angeles as they go about their lives — a lesbian answer to Bravo's "Real Housewives" franchise. Project is dependent on casting, the net said; if all goes as planned, "The Real L Word" would debut sometime next year.

If this works, the reality versions of DEXTER and THE TUDORS should be fun.

4 thoughts on “I Am Looking Forward to “Dexter,” the reality series”

  1. The Beeb does that with the terrible “Real Hustle”. Perhaps they could do “Top Gear – The TV Series”.
    Anyway, now HBO will answer with “The Real True Blood” (in Wall Street), “The Real Hung” and “The real Entourage”… er, not that one. Sci-fi costs too much.


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