I am going to be RICH!

I got this email today:

Dear Goldberg

My name is Charles Kobenan a Banker and
accountant with BIAO BANK Abidjan.I am the personal accounts manager to
Engr Lake Goldberg a National of your country, who used to work with an
oil servicing company here in Cote Ivoire.

My client, his wife,
and their three children were involved in the ill fated Kenya Airways
crash in the coasts of Abidjan in January 2000 in which all passengers
on board died. Since then I have made several inquiries to your embassy
to locate any of my clients extended relatives but thas been
unsuccessful.After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to trace
his last name over the internet,to see if I could locate any member of
his family hence I contacted you.

Of particular interest is
this huge deposit with our bank here in,where the deceased has an
account valued at about ($16 million US dollars).They have issued me a
notice to pro vide the next of kin or the bank will declare the account
unservisable and thereby send the funds to the bank treasury.Since I
have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over last 6years
now, I will seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the
deceased since you have the same last names, so that the proceeds of
this account valued at ($16million US dollars) can be paid to you and
then you and I can share the money.

I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this deal
through.I guarantee that this will be executed under all legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. In your
reply mail, I want you to give me your full names, address, date of
birth, telephone and fax numbers.If you can handle this with me, reach
me now for more details.

Thanking you for your anticipated cooperation.

This sounds like a terrific idea idea to me.  I am going to send him whatever he wants, especially my checking account and social security numbers if he asks for them, because this legitimate opportunity to get rich is just too good to pass up. This is my lucky day!

17 thoughts on “I am going to be RICH!”

  1. LOL! I get those all the time. I told one that I would be happy to receive the money to just send me the cashier’s check at my P.O. Box and I take care of the rest. I also told them, they can just send it to my Paypal account.

  2. Somewhere around here I’ve got a copy of the chronicles of a guy who actually opened a special bank account for 5.00 (USD), replied with all the requested information, and played the thing out to the very end. What was so hysterical about it is he used the names “Simon Templar” and “Sebastian Tombs” throughout, and wrote about it in a pitch perfect hommage to Leslie Charteris. If I can find it, and it’s still online, I’ll post the link here…..

  3. Lee, I don’t like my suspicious nature to get the better of me, but this deal does not sound kosher to me. Personally, I think this Charles fellow is setting you up and as soon as you pay the money he will spring on you a spec script based on fanfic involving characters from every series you’ve ever worked on.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
    Mistrustful in Toronto….

  4. Most Illustrious Goldberg!!!!!
    Let me know when you get the $16 million
    I have scribbled down some terrific ideas for TV series and movies that’ll make millions once you invest your money, time, good name and experience in them.
    Al I need is writer to write them up. I watch a lot of TV and can assure you they are all winners.

  5. i just got this email today with the exact same name except it has my last name. i googled different names and a link to this post came up. i just wanted to let you know.

  6. I also got this e-mail on October 3rd. It’s the exact same e-mail! The only difference is the last name. I mean really, how many people by the name of engr lake can there be?

  7. I got an email from Charles today about Engr Lake Veale so evidently there are a lot of people out there with the name Engr Lake and that have died with $16million. Everyone in that plane on that fateful day must have had the same name and same bank account.

  8. On nov. 10th, I received the same e-mail as everyone else, this time it had my last name. Apparently, EVERYONE that has business in Cote Ivoire dies in that plane crash. I’ll have to remind myself never to go there! That Charles Kobenan must be a nice guy considering he would split the 16 mill with me.

  9. I got one of these e-mails today as well– I replied wondering how soon I could send him my cc # and ss#! I think I should’ve asked him when we could travel to Cote Ivoire together….

  10. I received this email today (of course with my last name). Is there a place where this kind of stuff can be reported? I cannot file an official complaint b/c no crime has actually been committed since I did not fall for his crap, right? But it I think it should be reported.

  11. I got this same email today. Just so ya know. I was pretty excited about it too till I went to google and typed the info to see what came up and there you were. Sucks. I thought I was rich! URGH.

  12. Didn’t everybody find out about the “Nigerian scam” about five years ago? I seem to remember the scammers were themselves scammed by someone (a fan, as it happens) claiming to be a lecturer at the Miskatonic University.

  13. Hey, I actually just got the same e-mail message today. I was just wondering do you just delete the e-mail or is there somewhere to report the information. If you know anything please contact me.
    Thank you,

  14. I got the same e-mail today.. I answer him in spanish hahaha… (my last name too) Oh well what we can do.. go all to COte Ivorie?

  15. i have received a similar mail from a bank called BIAO corte de iviore
    asking me to accept a payment of US10 million form a woman who is sufferimg with some sicknes and has lost her husband keping her this amount to be distributed.
    Funny is it. Why the hell hey use the name of Jesus.
    cannot trustt with this kind of messages


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