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  1. Astonishing that people have no concept of how much a copyright lawsuit costs, or astonishing that people have no concept of how copyright law works? Personally I think the larger offense here is the color pallete of that web page.

  2. Lee, how could you not mention that she writes PHANTOM OF THE OPERA/HOGAN’S HEROES crossover fanfic!?
    I love her “copyright” notice:
    “Indiana (Indy) Hogan, Christie Hogan, Michaels, c Shadow-of-the-Wolf (me, read my warning in PotO section)
    Everybody else c CBS (or whoever owns Hogan’s Heroes).
    I wonder…is she 12-years-old (in which case you could shrug off her ignornance and naivete as immaturity) or a developmentally disabled adult (in which case, it’s pathetic)?

  3. It makes me want to write a legally protected parody of her work and email her a copy.
    I’ve never seen firefox begin twitching spastically before (I think it was the auto-music plugin). I am going to desperately hope that this is a fanfiction parody site, but given what I know of fanfiction writers, I doubt it.
    Oh, and, scarily enough, these, ah, highly focused writers are usually women in their late forties, not teenagers.

  4. I’ve seen similar things before, during my first Lee-Goldberg-primed foray into the bizarre world of fanfiction. It is surprisingly common for people who are in the midst of stealing other people’s copyrighted characters to threaten doom and destruction on anyone crass enough to steal theirs.
    It’s all part of the fanfic experience…

  5. Riveting stuff…

    “You’re just leaving, then?” Erik asked.
    “Yes,” Alain replied shortly. The seventeen-year-old threw the remainder of the belongings he had laid out into his bag.
    “After I raised you? Taught you everything you know?”
    “You knew this would happen one day. It happens in all families. A child grows up and leaves home.”
    Both men had hot tempers right now and were doing their best to keep them under control. Alain was going to leave the safety of the underground lair to venture out to start his own opera house.

    and then…

    “Erik…” He jumped. Only one person could have that angelic voice and she was long gone. He turned quickly and there stood his dearly departed wife, a frosty aurora surrounding her.
    “Lucrezia?” he asked. She nodded. “Are… are you a – an angel?”
    “Yes, Erik.”

    He should publish his stories and sell them on amazon, really.

  6. These ‘disclaimers’ always give me a laugh. It’s honestly hard to really believe that some people are so pathetic. And how come they are all such awful ‘writers’? I’m still pressuring my one writer friend who does write fan fiction to stop doing so. She’s got a 3 book contract, but it’s hard to wean her off contributing to the crapfest that is fan fiction.

  7. I laughed out loud after reading it.
    I wonder why I never thought of that.
    Except I’d not threaten lawsuit, I prefer gettin’ Charlie Stella, some of the boys, a lead bat, a black garbage bag, a black Lincoln with wide trunk space, and a land fill out in Jersey.
    *Knock* *Knock*, hi, HERE’S MY LAWSUIT!
    ……but that’s just me. hahhahah

  8. You people are asses!!!! You do realize that talking about people like this only works if they don’t get the web address, right? SO maybe I went a little overborad, but I am extremely protective of my characters. I work long and hard to come up with them and I do not want to see them used without my permission! And I never steal from other people! Unlike you I have respect for people! If ever a character of mine resembles that of another person, I would make mention of it. And I’ll admitt that some of my stories aren’t that good either. That’s why I put them up, so people can critique them so I can get better!
    Next time you want criticize me, talk to me directly, and not behind my back! You’re parents obviously went wrong somewhere if you treat people like this.
    And and for to answer a previous question, I’m 18, ready to turn 19.
    – Shadow-of-the-Wolf
    p.s. BITE ME!!!

  9. “I can steal from you, but don’t you DARE steal from me!” Part 2

    I received an email from Shadow of The Wolf , a fanfiction writer who includes a ridiculous copyright notice with her work that threatens anyone who uses her characters without her permission. She asked me to take down my blog

  10. It is sad–she only wants to be a better writer, and here you all are, laughing at her. Oh, the humanity–it makes me want to start my own opera house.

  11. First off, Shadow, just calm down. While you’re eighteen, you’re currently acting like a fourteen year old dealing with her first cycle.
    Secondly, congratulations to all you ‘wonderful’ people. The irony of this is so deep, it’s not even profitable to laugh about it since I know I’ll being vomiting instead from the twist of everything. Right. So, nearly all you people that commented spoke of how immature the author is. With immature ridicule of her work whether it be her website layout to even quoting her fanfiction.
    Before you even start pointing fingers, you should be more than intelligent enough to realize that nearly all writers these days start with fanfiction and expand from them. And many of them write in a cliche style. That’s just how a writer is ‘born’, so to say.
    Honestly though, I know people could go without the pointless threats and what have you. That’s understandable. And personally, I don’t know why people even bother to worry about their fancharacters being stolen. I mean, for one, fancharacters are in most cases rather flat or too similar to the actual characters of that novel/movie/game etc. For another, only those insanely popular writers get their fancharacters ‘stolen’ and what have you {personally, I don’t know why people would steal a fancharacter). In short though, look, I can see what you’re trying to point out, but did you really have to round up a bunch of people to stomp all over her about this?
    Shadow, I know you feel incredibly frustrated and embarassed about this. I don’t blame you, but at the same time, like I said on DeviantArt, you really set yourself up for this. I understand that your fancharacters are precious to you, but I doubt you could have any sort of lawsuit over them.
    Still, even if you set yourself up, no one, and I repeat, no one deserves to be showcased in such a negative manner. I would suggest for this site to in the future at least speak about something without giving names. Just a suggestion.
    Regardless, I’ll ask you this. Take this down. Save her the embarassment. You already had plenty of helping hands smashing someone’s self-esteem to bits. I’ll speak with her. I know her in real life, and sometimes it’s better off for friends to talk to friends about something than have a group of strangers ridiculing them. Thank you.

  12. Yoli wrote: “Before you even start pointing fingers, you should be more than intelligent enough to realize that nearly all writers these days start with fanfiction and expand from them.”
    Excuse me? The vast majority of writers I’ve met, established and aspiring, have never written so much as a word of fanfiction. I’ll bet that most of the students in my brother’s various creative writing classes never have either. So I’m curious…how did you come up with the sweeping generalization that “nearly all writers these days” start with fanfic??

  13. It’s quite simple, actually. Considering how many stories have been published generation after generation, ideas have been taken from other authors and twisted. This has gone on for many years, no doubt. And it’s unfortunate to say that the world is becoming less and less creative. Thus my generalization (which, unfortunately, I would find rather accurate). It’s not like I said all. Now, that would be over-generalization.

  14. Pardon the double post. Just adding on to what I said before I lose my train of thought. I forgot to say that with how many movies, books, games etc. are out there, some much has already been used. It’s extremely difficult to brew up something that doesn’t contain many cliches yet does not have awkward wording.
    Regardless, the point is I’ve caught this view from general knowledge and my own experience. While you’ve had yours, I’ve had mine. Still, I didn’t come here to get into a petty argument, really. All I want is for this to be taken down and dealt with between her and I, personally. If you have anything more to say to me, my e-mail address is sitting right there, waiting.

  15. Don’t you love the way this kid and “Yoli” lecture Lee like they are his mother and he’s their misbehaving kid? What makes them think they can boss him around?
    If someone puts stupid shit up on the Internet they deserve whatever blowback comes their way.

  16. Funny how you say such a thing and yet do not leave an e-mail. Coward. And bossing around? Ha! What a silly thing to say coming from one who has to swear to get their point across here. Regardless, I just felt that I had a right to give my words. Whether you agree or disagree with me, Mishima, does not change anything when you are bias of the situation in the first place. Though, I suppose with myself being friends with Shadow would put me in that hot seat as well.
    Still, I find it funny that you would say this. Surely, your reaction would be quite different had he posted something about you. Which indeed makes me laugh.
    Although I am not an incredibly talented writer myself (and that would be understandable, given how much I do write in general), this is not about me. This is about Shadow. And I feel that, yes, she did make an error in regards to the suing comment.
    But. I also believe that Mr. Goldberg here made one as well. And quite a large one. See, this is known as forcing your beliefs upon someone. I completely understand your dislike of fanfiction now. But when you pull someone out of the crowd and show them to the world like that, it is just clearly disgusting. Had you been on any other website, you would have been warned or banned.
    And sorry to say, but unless Lydia asked Shadow herself and everyone else to quit writing fanfiction in regards to her stories, you really do not have much of a right to hound her about this. If that author was concerned, she would have said something in the first place, would she not have? I do not feel that this is your place to make judgement.
    But alas. I suppose you will do the following with this regardless: try to find the tiniest flaw {again)and take a stab at it, ignore it, or delete it.
    By the way, in regards to fanfiction, yes, I quite clearly see your views and I have read the counter arguments to the usually argued pro-fanfiction topics. And I do realize that there is a lot of… unfortunate fanfiction posted up on the internet. Maybe it should be banned permanently (and it could be if a majority of authors spoke out against it). But allow me to say this. Fanfiction is not always about fixing things, as I read in that one counter argument. Fanfics can also be looked to in a what if sense. Of course, a lot of them are poorly written and tend to make some characters, well, out of character. But I have seen people take on a scenario and execute it in a decent manner. Those people are just very hard to find.
    Happy writing. And all that stuff. : )
    [Just a last note. If you are wondering about the lack of quotes and what have you, the button is glitching on my keyboard.]


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