I’d Be Happy with Emma Peel in her Leather Jumpsuit

My birthday is coming up and my Mom is having a hard time shopping for me:

Is there anything you want from Sears for your
Toys R Us?
It was easier when all you wanted was things about "The

3 thoughts on “I’d Be Happy with Emma Peel in her Leather Jumpsuit”

  1. My mom says the same thing sometimes.
    Except it’s in reference to Barbies and to be honest once I discovered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I tried to throw all the Barbies out, but she wouldn’t let me.
    They ask me the same question every time Christmas and birthday come around. My birthday happens to be a week after Christmas. I usually end up with a lot of gift cards for Starbucks.

  2. I remember fondly those long gone days of my youth when I would have been happy with Emma Peel also. They get farther and farther away each year(sigh).


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