“I’m currently watching the pilot of KOJAK, waiting for my bowels to erupt into a Jackson Pollock painting.”

What is TV Writer Paul Guyot talking about? Check out his blog and see.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only TV Writer who is a total TV Geek.

My recent TV Series boxed set purchases include:  MAGNUM PI,  GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, CRIME STORY, DUSTY’S TRAIL (I admit it, I couldn’t help myself), RESCUE ME,  BOB NEWHART SHOW, KAVANAGH QC (British series), and THE HUSTLE (British series).   

I also have all the box sets Paul just bought with the exception of QUINCY, which I think he is going to be heart-broken to discover actually sucks. KOJAK, however, is every bit as good as he remembers. I even recommend the TV movies they made a few years after the show was cancelled, particularly KOJAK: THE BELARUS FILE.

12 thoughts on ““I’m currently watching the pilot of KOJAK, waiting for my bowels to erupt into a Jackson Pollock painting.””

  1. Have you ever seen “Rumpole of the Bailey”? If you like Kavanagh QC, you may like that one, too, though it is somewhat gentler in tone and rather more old fashioned.
    From what I remember of Quincy – it was shown here when I was much younger and owned a TV – it sucked. I often felt the scriptwriters sacrificed an interesting story line for a ‘moral of the week’, rather in the way the very worst episodes of Star Trek did. Viewers don’t usually need that kind of spoon feeding and over here I think they resent it.

  2. OMG, I remember The Greatest American Hero! I loved that series!
    It doesn’t seem that long ago, but it used to be aired on Sunday afternoons here in Britain, I think it either replaced Highway To Heaven, or came after it.
    I was amongst the gaggle of girls who thought Michael Landon as the angelic Jonathan was HOTTTTT!!!
    Wow, I think I’m showing my age…

  3. Oh, I like both Kavanagh and Hustle (the second series of which has just been shown here). Kavanagh ran to five series (or even six) – have you got them all?
    If you like John Thaw (Kavanagh) – watch Inspector Morse – that is just as good, if not, better and filmed round about the same time as Kavanagh.

  4. I’m a big John Thaw fan and have all the MORSE movies adn all the episodes of THE SWEENEY that have come out so far (as well as the two feature films). I’m catching up now on the last season of KAVANAUGH QC.
    THE SWEENEY, in my mind, is one of the best cop show ever. It was way ahead of its time.

  5. We haven’t got the DVD’s yet of the Sweeney but catch the odd re-runs on satellite tv over here and I agree totally!
    Haven’t got all the Kavanagh’s yet either but have had the Morse’s for ages.
    What do you think of Hustle?

  6. That was why I was drawn to the programme. The series is fun though and the second series was even more enjoyable – probably because the characters were more familiar this time around (plus the plots were a little less straightforward!).

  7. Don’t you pick on Quincy mister. I do have the Magnum and American Hero boxsets and love them. I can’t believe GAH holds up for me as still being good. I still have not watched the sequel series episode Greatest American Heroine yet.
    When is the Rockford Files Box coming out? Man, I want that one bad.


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