I’m Listening

I’m still out-of-town, so here’s another oldie-but-goodie from the early days of this blog…

I went into a meeting with a major TV producer with an over-all
series deal at a big studio. He brought his nine-year-old daughter into
the meeting. I was midway through the pitch when the producer got a
phone call.

“I’m gonna take this outside,” he said, heading for the door, “but please keep going.”

And he left me alone with his daughter.”Go on,” she said, her pencil poised on a notepad, “I’m listening.”

6 thoughts on “I’m Listening”

  1. Is this a true story?
    Seems both ridiculous, and in HW fashion, not-so ridiculous to ask — all at the same time. 🙂
    So, is it?

  2. As I recall, Bill and I asked her about school, having the day off, kid stuff. I can’t recall if she pressed us to continue with out pitch or not. I know we didn’t get the job.

  3. Lee, I have to raise my coffee cup in a toast to you for perservering in this industry. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, stuff like this is why I walked from La La Land many years ago. Sometimes I wonder what *could* have happened if I’d stuck it out, then I read stuff on your blog, and smile in relief….:)


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