I’m Not Incoherent — an apology

You may have noticed in some of my recent posts and comments that my typing sucks… not to mention my proofreading. Please forgive me… my typing skills still haven’t recovered from my accident and my sloppy proofreading, well, that’s a byproduct of dashing off these blog entries between working on scripts and books… and then not looking back. Please forgive me…I’m not nearly as incoherent as I may appear…


4 thoughts on “I’m Not Incoherent — an apology”

  1. Accuracy is overrated as a virtue, isn’t that what these latest series of posts is all about?
    My attitude toward comprehension and typos is simple: if you’re paying, you deserve them. If not, I don’t want to hear it. Typos, like plagiarism, is the hobgoblins of small minds.


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