I’m Saving My Money for EMILY’S REASONS WHY NOT

I don’t understand the decision-making behind which shows get released on DVD. Take LAW AND ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY for instance. It was a bomb. Viewers soundly rejected it despite massive promotion and two cross-over episodes (with LAW AND ORDER and L&O:SVU). NBC cancelled it without even airing all of the 13 episodes that were produced. And yet, the complete series is coming out on DVD with a sticker price of $59.98. If people weren’t willing to watch the show for free, what makes the studio and retailers think people will shell out sixty bucks for it now (especially since they can catch the reruns on CourtTV)?

4 thoughts on “I’m Saving My Money for EMILY’S REASONS WHY NOT”

  1. If they’re doing this, there’s hope for the (in my opinion) terrific but short lived Fox show THE INSIDER; thirteen filmed, seven aired before it got yanked without a word. Like it or not, I thought it was terrific, and am hoping for the release of the complete series.
    Elsewhere, I posted that Amazon.Com *finally* lists IT TAKES A THIEF starring Robert Wagner (no release date, but listing alone is hope!). Someone posted the fervent wish that all three seasons are released in one set, theory being if they do Season One and it doesn’ sell, we’ll never see Seasons Two and Three. Having snapped up the VHS release of the pilot MAGNIFICIENT THIEF when it first came out, I puzzled over the fact that no other episodes were released. Guess maybe it was a “test” to see how well it sold before released the pilot.

  2. Plus the last episode of “Third Watch” was to be a two hour finale/wrap-up since it was cancelled. Instead NBC decided to air the first episode of LAW AND ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY so the 3rd Watch finale was cut to a disjointed one hour version half way through filming.

  3. the answer is: ads.
    i don’t own a television any more, i buy shows on dvd that i’ve heard about or had recommended to me etc.
    i wouldn’t buy that show, but, for example i buy sitcoms and whatnot on dvd. i’d guess they’re trying to get the money from people like me who don’t watch television because of the sheer volume of ads. (and tivo isn’t very big over here in the uk)


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